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Southeastern Conference Expansion and Realignment Map  

Southeastern Conference Expansion and Realignment

The Delta Plan for SEC Expansion was conceived in the Mississippi Delta, hence its name:

As the powers that be in college football move at neck breaking speed to form 16 team mega-conferences, the Southeastern Conference needs to be proactive in its search for quality expansion candidates. I am really for the status quo, I love the SEC as it is, but I also understand change is coming, and coming fast. And just like everyone else I want to add reasonable rhetoric to the college football expansion and realignment debate. In case you are wondering, I am from the South, I'm an SEC fan, and I am not advocating changing anything with the SEC. But if it was up to me, I would do something like this....

Fly to Norman and Tallahassee and make offers OU and FSU could never refuse. I understand the Noah's Ark connection with OSU, sorry Cowboys no room on this boat. FSU in the SEC would only help UF, in my opinion. Texas high school recruits want to play against the best, TAMU will be a player in the SEC much sooner than later. By joining the SEC, the Aggies will own the State of Texas. I love the thought of adding Missouri. I think the Big Ten really disrespected Mizzou in 2010. By adding these four schools we expand the existing SEC footprint by 50%, have a league of contiguous states sharing common borders, and add schools with natural built-in rivalries that fit culturally with the SEC. You increase the SEC domination in the State of Florida to 100%, the largest existing SEC market. You add the big, beautiful state of Texas. You add a perennial contender in Oklahoma. And you get a nice slice of the St. Louis and KC markets, right to the dinner table of Big Ten country. For the bean counters out there, you add over thirty million people to your market. That's a whopping 50% increase in potential SEC fans.

Worried about a change in historical rivalries and matchups? Let me show you how the Delta Plan will work. First move Alabama and Auburn to the East and add FSU. Kentucky moves to the West and add Mizzou, TAMU, and Oklahoma. Check out the SEC Expansion Map below for the breakdown:

SEC Divisions After Expansion and Realignment Map  

SEC East: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

SEC West: Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Texas A&M

Historical Rival: Alabama vs Auburn, Florida vs Florida State, Georgia vs South Carolina, Tennessee vs Vanderbilt, Mississippi State vs Ole Miss, LSU vs Arkansas, Oklahoma vs TAMU, Missouri vs Kentucky

Permanent Inter-Divisional Rival: Alabama vs Mississppi State, Auburn vs LSU, Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt, Kentucky vs Tennessee, Arkansas vs South Carolina

This is where the conference needs some creativity. Maybe FSU vs TAMU, Georgia vs Missouri, Florida vs Oklahoma. But by adding more conference games we could mix this up some. How about playing eleven conference games? Play all seven teams in your division, two permanent inter-division rivals, then two other inter-divisonal teams rotating a home and home series every three years. That way each school plays all the others every two years.

SEC Schedule: You are probably forced to make a move to nine, ten, even eleven conference games, which would be sweet. And yes, I do realize how brutal an eleven game conference slate in the SEC would be, let me dream a little. I wish we played all conference games, it would make the season a lot more interesting wouldn't it?

Other Schools Mentioned as Candidates for SEC Expansion:

Georgia Tech - Did you know Tech was a founding member of the SEC? Here is a great article on GT's departure by Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine. Reading this article changed my mind about Tech. I like them for sentimental reasons and would not mind their inclusion.

Tulane - The Green Wave was another founding member of the SEC. The reason for Tulane's departure is explained at I like Tulane because I love New Orleans. These two schools made a costly decision in exiting the SEC back in the 1960's. They've paid heavily for their mistake. I say if they want in, bring them back.

Virginia Tech - VT is an interesting choice. Football is what matters in the SEC and they could be marginally competitive. I just think they are happy where they are because they can get a BCS bid fielding mediocre teams.

Clemson - Decent traditions and decent athletics. The SEC already has the Gamecocks, but I have nothing against Clemson.

Virginia - Not a powerhouse, but I would be okay with the Wahoos.

Oklahoma State - OSU is a tough one. The Cowboys have really turned their program around in recent years, but just don't have the historical reputation and marketing clout the other teams high on this list have.

Southern Miss - Too small of a market and would never happen, but the boys at USM at have always played some decent ball.

West Virginia - Not much of a cultural fit, but could be an interesting rivalry with UK and only an hour from Pittsburgh.

Baylor - With TAMU the SEC locks up the State of Texas.

Maryland - Not a football powerhouse and not a good fit.

Louisville, Memphis, Miami, UCF, USF - Really? Come on.

TCU, SMU, Houston, Rice, Texas - No, no, no, no, no.

Any North Carolina School - No thanks. They're too good for the SEC anyway.

Kansas - A definite culture clash. Maybe if my man Mangino was still there.

Delta State - Of course we need to move up from Division II, but the Fighting Okra can compete with anybody. We need some payback from 1951 when Bama ran the score up on us.

I'm interested in everyone's ideas about SEC Expansion and Realignment, please send me your comments and concerns, and I will add them to this post.


What do you think about the Delta Plan and SEC Expansion:



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2011 SEC Football Composite Schedule

Thursday, September 1
W. Kentucky vs. Kentucky (Nashville)

Saturday, September 3
Kent State at Alabama
Missouri State at Arkansas
Utah State at Auburn
Florida Atlantic at Florida
Boise State vs. Georgia (Atlanta)
Oregon vs. LSU (Dallas)
Brigham Young at Ole Miss
Mississippi State at Memphis
ECU vs. South Carolina (Charlotte)
Montana at Tennessee
Elon at Vanderbilt

Saturday, September 10
Mississippi State at Auburn
South Carolina at Georgia
Alabama at Penn State
New Mexico at Arkansas
UAB at Florida
Central Michigan at Kentucky
Northwestern State at LSU
Southern Illinois at Ole Miss
Cincinnati at Tennessee
Connecticut at Vanderbilt

Thursday, September 15
LSU at Mississippi State

Saturday, September 17
Tennessee at Florida
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
North Texas at Alabama
Troy at Arkansas
Auburn at Clemson
Coastal Carolina at Georgia
Louisville at Kentucky
Navy at South Carolina

Saturday, September 24
Arkansas at Alabama
Florida at Kentucky
Georgia at Ole Miss
Vanderbilt at South Carolina
Florida Atlantic at Auburn
LSU at West Virginia
Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State
Open: Tennessee

Saturday, October 1
Alabama at Florida
Auburn at South Carolina
Mississippi State at Georgia
Kentucky at LSU
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (Dallas)
Ole Miss at Fresno State
Buffalo at Tennessee
Open: Vandy

Saturday, October 8
Vanderbilt at Alabama
Auburn at Arkansas
Florida at LSU
Georgia at Tennessee
Kentucky at South Carolina
Mississippi State at UAB
Open: Ole Miss

Saturday, October 15
Alabama at Ole Miss
Florida at Auburn
Georgia at Vanderbilt
LSU at Tennessee
South Carolina at Mississippi State
Open: Arkansas, Kentucky

Saturday, October 22
Tennessee at Alabama
Arkansas at Ole Miss
Auburn at LSU
Jacksonville State at Kentucky
Army at Vanderbilt
Open: Florida, Georgia, MSU, South Carolina

Saturday, October 29
Arkansas at Vanderbilt
Ole Miss at Auburn
Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)
Mississippi State at Kentucky
South Carolina at Tennessee
Open: Alabama, LSU

Saturday, November 5
LSU at Alabama
South Carolina at Arkansas
Vanderbilt at Florida
Ole Miss at Kentucky
New Mexico State at Georgia
Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State
Middle Tennessee at Tennessee

Saturday, November 12
Alabama at Mississippi State
Tennessee at Arkansas
Auburn at Georgia
Florida at South Carolina
Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Western Kentucky at LSU
Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss

Saturday, November 19
Mississippi State at Arkansas
Kentucky at Georgia
LSU at Ole Miss
Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Georgia Southern at Alabama
Samford at Auburn
Furman at Florida
Citadel at South Carolina
Open: Auburn

Friday, November 25
Arkansas at LSU

Saturday, November 26
Alabama at Auburn
Tennessee at Kentucky
Ole Miss at Mississippi State
Florida State at Florida
Georgia at Georgia Tech
Clemson at South Carolina
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest

Saturday, December 3
SEC Championship Game (Georgia Dome)

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